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UX Design
No matter how well an app (or site) is made, design can make or break the entire project. We keep that in mind and offer you a design that prioritizes UI/UX. The end result is a logical, structured project that can be easily understood by a user.
Web & Apps
Whether you need to offer your customers an unforgettable web experience, or impressive apps, we know how to build them. We combine our experience in Frontend and Backend development along with intuitive design, curtesy of our UX specialists. The end result is aimed to be an easy to use, simple medium from which you can reach your desired users.
Business Inteligence
To make the best strategic decisions, you need the most accurate and deep information. Through our data collection and analysis process, we can offer support in making informed decisions and sprinting ahead of your competition.
We offer palpable solutions that reduce your storage costs and help you use your space in the most efficient way possible. Through our reports, you can track your goods from the second they come into storage to the second they leave.
We implement advanced telecommunications systems based on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), and VOIP technology. The result is a fully customizable telecommunications server that can link to virtually any carrier.
Do you have a database that needs modifying? Want to migrate its data or make a new one? We offer you peace of mind, by handling all the heavy lifting, including server administration.

About us

  • Since the year 2000, when we launched, we offer IT services for clients worldwide.
  • We’re a team of over 40 individuals and we love shaping ideas into reality. Our vast experience in the field reflects that (we delivered projects for clients in Europe, Asia and America).

"The most innovative, ambitious and creative team that we had the privilege to work with."

"We’ve been working with Sarmet for about a year. They respond to our requests very fast and have given us a helping hand in our online marketing activities."

"The collaboration with Sarmet went better than expected. At any moment, they have answered our questions and they have explained us all the steps that should be taken. We definitely want to work with them again."

"Sarmet has helped us from the very beginning in order to set our priorities and to make a long term plan. We can say that we’ve evolved more than we hoped, thanks to them."

Location information

Str. Ulpia Traiana nr. 2, Timisoara, Timis, Romania, 300215

Tel: +40-356-809-001
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